Passeig del Born

Passeig del Born or "Paseo del Borne", in Castilian, is the wide avenue from the old market to the cathedral and has been in existance as a major route since the days of the Knights in Armour, and in fact those very Knigtts held their jousting tournements on horsback along the Passeig during festival times.

Now forming as much a rectangualar public "square" as a road the Passeig is full of life and things to do and see at all times of the day.

Two cobbled paths frame a centre wide paved pedestrian area which runs the length of the Passeig and hold beautiful decorative lamp posts showing off the artisinial skills of the Catalonian region.

Facilities for tourists as well as local residents abound along the Passeig del Born and you will no doubt be approach by the manual local vendors offering interesting trinkets or toys for sale.

Or rather than walking yourself it may be best to sit on one of the many park benches that dot the length of the avenue and allow the world to walk by for your interest.  Perhaps eat a slice of Pizza or eat an Ice Cream from one of the many small specialist shops along the Passeig.

Right at the end of the Passeig where it gives over to the square of the Santa Maria Del Mar Church are cafes with open air tables which provide the perfect spot to sit and drink a glass of wine in the evening and watch not just the local walkers but also the street performers who congregate there to play and dance for your entertainment.

Culture in el born

With it's historic and cultural traditions going back hundreds of years El Born, the Height of Barcelona, offers many sites of interest to the culture lover.

Of course merely walking the streets rich in history such as the Passeig del Born is itself an amazing cultural experience.  And the nightlife and bar scene is a form of modern culture.  But for the more traditional experience don't miss the many small art galleries in the district.