EL Born is a trendy eating district with it's share of high end international quality restaurants serving both traditional Catalonian food, Spanish standards, and international treats.

Catalonian cuisine is famed for the combining of ingredients from the sea and the mountains - the so-called Mar i Muntanya dishes.  It is distinctive from other Spanish food , distinctive despite or perhaps because of having been strongly touched by everything from old Roman, Greek, Arabian, Jewish and modern French cuisines.  Italian and Mexican foods are now also popular and have their influence felt on modern Catalonian restaurant food.

Since Medieval times Catalonian cuisine has been one of subtle flavors; the combination of sweet and salty, sweet and sour, all subtly combined. 

Many modern restaurants in Barcelona offer a Catalonian take on nouvelle cuisine, while other serve up traditional dishes that would have fed a medieval peasant with enough energy to work his flock in the often mountainous hillsides.  Being beside the sea the food options often include seafood and these blend into Catalonian styles in the traditional manner.

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  • Casa Albert, Placa de les Olles 4, traditional Spanish Catalonian fare
Culture in el born

With it's historic and cultural traditions going back hundreds of years El Born, the Height of Barcelona, offers many sites of interest to the culture lover.

Of course merely walking the streets rich in history such as the Passeig del Born is itself an amazing cultural experience.  And the nightlife and bar scene is a form of modern culture.  But for the more traditional experience don't miss the many small art galleries in the district.