Best times to visit El Born

While El Born as the Heart of Barcelona has never a bad time to visit there are some times which are perhaps better than others.

Naturally the summer months are the most busy and offer the most interesting scene however it can also be corwded. 

The summer is warm from June through September being over 20C with a peak in August which has average temperatures of 29C and peak days of 33C.  The days are mostly sunny with a few overcast and some little cloud on many days which clears later in the day.

May to July is considered the best time by locals as it is not too hot.  As with any city the extreme heat can become difficult in the hottest months.

During the winter which is generally considered Nov to Feb it is much cooler, though still averaging over 10C, and with many overcast days which are balanced by some days of clear blue skies in with crisp air. 

Jan-Feb can be rainy but it is September - October which are by far the rainiest time in El Born with almost half the days having some rain and the total rainfall being the most of the year.

Whatever time of year to go make sure you are dressed appropriately for the area.

Culture in el born

With it's historic and cultural traditions going back hundreds of years El Born, the Height of Barcelona, offers many sites of interest to the culture lover.

Of course merely walking the streets rich in history such as the Passeig del Born is itself an amazing cultural experience.  And the nightlife and bar scene is a form of modern culture.  But for the more traditional experience don't miss the many small art galleries in the district.