Souvenir shopping in El Born

Of course the best souvenir of your time in El Born is not something designed to be a souvenir!  Instead a unique and quirky find of your own from one of the many vintage and antique shops will be the best reminder in the future of your amazing experience in the heart of Barcelona.


The main shopping district is formed in the wide V between Carrer de l'Argenteria at the south and Carrer de la Princesa at the north with at their joint the metro station Jaume I on the Red line. 

Whichever street you start on it will be on the intervene little Calle that you will find the interesting dedicated shops that bring so much heart to the area.  Owned by families and individual proprietors with a passion for their subject you can find on sale anything from antiques to middle eastern delicacies.

Boutiques and shoe shops abound and tend to hand made luxury items with prices and quality at the very highest end.  Not only is Catalonian skills showcased here but major international brands such as Brazilian company Colcci have made Born their Spanish homes.


Walk at least as far as the church of Saint Mary of the Sea, Santa Maria del Mar.

Walk from the church along the Passeig del Born as far as the Mercat del Born to see how Barcelona was in historic times.  From the middle ages until as recently as the 1970s this was the key to the mercantile city.  Today the old market is a museum and culture centre having been renovated from it's past life as an evocative disused shell  sheltering the preserved archeological remains of the medieval city of that point.

To see the vibrant market life of the city today visit Mercat de Santa Caterina just north of El Born which was relocated to this district and recently remodeled with a modern colorful arched roof contrasting the traditional architecture of the rest of the building.

Nearby Markets:

Mercat Port Antic - open air flea market just a few minutes walk south on the water's edge

Mercat de mercats - the market of markets in the adjoining Gothic district

Mercat del Art de la Placa de Sant Josep Oriol - with art and food adjoining side by side a few moments walk inland/North.



Culture in el born

With it's historic and cultural traditions going back hundreds of years El Born, the Height of Barcelona, offers many sites of interest to the culture lover.

Of course merely walking the streets rich in history such as the Passeig del Born is itself an amazing cultural experience.  And the nightlife and bar scene is a form of modern culture.  But for the more traditional experience don't miss the many small art galleries in the district.